Supporting non-governmental organizations

"One soldier does not make a battle" is a well known saying that is very relevant today. It is completely ineffective to go against the system alone. That is why we actively cooperate with NGOs. By combining our efforts, we can do much more.

So the project appeared, within the framework of which we combine NGOs and charity foundations of the region and organize trainings and roundtables on the most urgent issues. Let's learn together how to raise funds from global organizations for your projects, to draw attention to socially important issues in the media and learn many other skills, which are crucial in our business.


Cooperating with a number of NGOs of the region, we became confident that all of them hold a sheer enthusiasm and sincere desire for people to do something significant and worthy. That's why we decided to help as much as we can, to share our knowledge and results, and invite speakers which could teach us somethingnew.

We are always open to cooperation. We take every effort to ensure that our work has not been in vain. If you have a suggestionon cooperation, please use our contact telephone numbers to call us or write us an e-mail.
We are confident that we can change a lot together!