Weekend courses provide the maximum benefit in one day. Together, we choose topics which are most relevant to you. You decide what master classes will be most informative and interesting. That's why you get the most information which is the most useful in one day.

Undoubtedly, a weekend course is a wonderful way to pass a weekend, because you can get your wants and needs meet. You will be able to learn a lot, and you can find new friends, and speak with interesting people.
It is important for us to attract as many people as possible to hold courses, which is why we created groups in social media to be even closer to you, and to hear your opinions. If you have ideas on courses or topics for upcoming courses, please contact us in our Facebook group, by phone number or write an e-mail.

How does it work?

The most numerous age group or the most topical subject is formed from your applications. Then we choose the weekend day which is most convenient for you. The topic of each class, its nature and content is determined by discussions onsocial media. We want to make this day not only rich, but also useful and interesting to you.

How to sign up for the courses?

You have to download an application, fill it out and send it to our e-mail. Alternatively, you can call the specified telephone numbers.

What is the maximum age for the courses?

Courses have no age restrictions. In order for the courses to be organized in your area and for your age group, at least 20 participants are needed.

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