Every child should have the opportunity to realize himself/herself, to demonstrate his/her abilities, to prove that there is always a place for beautiful things in everyday life. It is for this reason the project was launched. The children of Polissya are talented, intelligent and creative, and the Foundation allows them to convince others about this.
During the period of Foundation activities we become convinced again and again that our region is famous for its talented and courageous people who make life in Polissya better and brighter every day. Achieving success in the creative field requires outstanding perseverance and continuous, hard work on oneself. Every year, the youth of Polissya improves in drawing, modelling, quilling, embroidery and other creative passions, and we are pleased that it is happening, among other things, through the Future of Polissya competition-exhibition of creative works. This event was held for the first time in 2012. At that time, 916 gifted residents of the Novohrad-Volynskyy, Baranivskyy, Yemelchynskyy, Chervonoarmiyskyy districts participated in the competition. Every year when children begin to bring their incredible, sincere works, we are overwhelmed with joy, pride and hope.

For many, the Future of Polissya competition-exhibition turned old dreams to reality, because anyone can participate, regardless of age and ability. For example, 2-year-old Tamila Starzhets became the youngest participant of the competition in 2015, 77-year-old Iryna Pinkusevych became the oldest participant in 2012. The competition is not only an opportunity to show what you are capable of. It is an opportunity to find a passion, to learn something new. The great advantage of the Future of Polissya competition-exhibition is that participants are required to provide only their works. The Foundation bears all organizational costs. The goal of the competition is to identify creative skills, stimulate cognitive activity and independence, and cultivatepatriotism of the residents of Polissya.


Ivan Volodymyrovych Lytvyn


We organized the fifth anniversary competition-exhibition!
And every year, when children start bringingtheir incredible, sincere work, we are overwhelmed with joy, pride and hope.