Career Guidance

"Career Guidance" is a Project aimed at soul searching in the world of modern professions, helping each student to choose that profession which will suit him/her perfectly, will bring pleasure and will be duly paid.

The Project is focused on helping each child to choose the right future profession. In this regard the specially formed team of professionals will explain intelligibly the most pressing problems connected with the career guidance:

- what profession is the most suitable for you?
- which professions are the most demanded in the labor market?
- where you can get a sound and affordable academic background
- and so on


Career Guidance is an extremely important aspect of life. After all, the statistics shows that only 42% of Ukrainians work in the specialty. That is why the team of Charity Fund "The Future of Polissia" decided to introduce a new Project called "Career guidance".

To this end, the fund employees, involving specialists, including a practical psychologist, are engaged in a series of trainings.

The meetings-trainings are a significant and effective form of work in this direction: live communication, simulation of situations help young men and girls to see themselves, so to say, through others’ eyes, to evaluate themselves and their peers realistically and without exaggeration, to compare their own skills and opportunities for determining their life belonging, setting goals and objectives.

The help provided by practical psychologist Svitlana Pavlyuk gives answers to the questions that are not pronounced out loud but do concern a great many people, those questions that were getting in the way of the final choice of further education. The presentation on the topic "How to become successful" makes you think about the things, which are simple at first glance, and reply honestly to yourself the difficult questions of the self-esteem scale, vision of your happiness and goal in life, as well as the main moral and ethical values in your own vision in relation to the generally accepted ones.